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Securely storing your Vuforia key

If you publish your source code publicly on GitHub with your Vuforia key, you’re actually violating the Vuforia Developer Agreement. The solution to avoid this is to load the Vuforia key from a non-public file when the app is built.

OpenRC has set up this up for you, so that you just need to set up the external file and change your Vuforia code to access the key dynamically.

Note that this WILL work on the stock build variant as well, because we didn’t need to modify any of the official libraries to make this work.

  1. In the TeamCode module, you’ll find a file called You need to make a copy of this file in the same folder, called

  2. Open up this new copy, and paste your Vuforia key in between the quotation marks on the bottom line. It should look like VUFORIA_KEY="VUFORIAKEYTHATLOOKSLIKEGIBBERISH".

  3. Change the line where you tell vuforia what your key is to parameters.vuforiaLicenseKey = BuildConfig.VUFORIA_KEY.

    a. If you get an error when you try to build the project, try changing the line to parameters.vuforiaLicenseKey = org.firstinspires.teamcode.BuildConfig.VUFORIA_KEY. You may have accidentally imported a different BuildConfig class.

  4. Copy to the TeamCode module on any other computers that you’ll be using for programming. Remember, the vuforia key won’t automatically be synced between computers any more.

And you’re done! is included in the .gitignore file, which means that Git won’t try to add it to your public GitHub repository.